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Tea Tree Gully Enterprise Agreement

AG2002/2823 s.170LK Request from Gilbarco Australia Ltd and another on certification of the agreement re Gilbarco Australia Limited (South Australian Branch) Certified Agreement 2002 – Dangerfield C – 19 August AG2002/3 951 et al.170LJ Applications by Lucas Waterproofing Systems (Vic) Pty Ltd et al. for certification of various agreements – Grainger C – 29 August AG2002/3685 s.170LJ Application of AWU e.a. on the certification of the agreement re CSR Limited – Yarraville Distillery Site Certified Agreement 2002-2004 – Acton SDP – 6 August AG2002/3484 s.170LK applications from Fairfax Community Newspapers Pty Ltd for certification of the agreement re Fairfax Community Newspapers Hills News Clerical Department Employment Agreement – Raffaelli C – 2 September AG2002/4760 s.170LJ application from AWU and another for certification of the salisbury City Agreement , AWU and Local Government Employees (Enterprise Bargaining) Agreement No.5 – 2002 – O`Callaghan SDP – 27 September AG2002/5044 s.170LK application by Irish Restaurant and Bar Company Pty Ltd t/as Dicy Reilly`s Mt Gravatt and Celtic Pacific Properties Pt Dicey Reilly`s Employee`s Certified Agreement 2002 – Hodder C – 30 September AG2001/8298-9 s.170XF requested by Disability Services Australia Ltd and another for the determination of the designated price; and s.170LK Approval for Agreement Re Disability Services Australia Business Services Division Employee Enterprise Agreement 2001 – Drake SDP – August 13 C2002/2928, C2002/3002 s.170LW AnF Dispute Resolution Request – Tasmanian Branch and Department of Health and Human Services – Department of Health and Human Services and ANF – Tasmanian Branch re-rostering, Personalmix resulting from the agreement and the third round allocation of the agreement – Leary DP – 5 September AG2002/4701 s.170LK Request from Pirtek (Hunter Valley) Pty Ltd for certification of the agreement re Pirtek (Hunter Valley) Pty Limited (Mobile) Sales and Service Technicians) Certified Agreement 2002 – Munro J – 26 August AG2002/48 97-8 s.170LK Requests from Beyfield Pty Ltd for certification of the East Coast Mechanical Services on-site Construction Sheet Metal Employees Agreement 2002-2005 and East Coast Mechanical Services Mechanical Plumber Agreement 2002-2005 – Hoffman C – September 20 SAET may also reconcile or instruct if the parties work to negotiate an agreement. AG2002/3496 s.170LK Request for certification of the re Travelex Collective Agreement (2002) by Travelex Ltd and Travelex Pty Ltd – Lawson C – 26 September AG2002/3006 s.170 Bunge Meat Industries Ltd application for admission to varieties AWU-BMI NSW Piggeries Agreement – Grainger C – September 5 AG2002/298 3 s.170MH Request from Australian Country Choice Production Pty Ltd, a contract certified re Australasian Meat Industry Employees Union Australian Country Choice Pty Limited Beef Boning Certified Agreement 1996 – Bacon C- 5 August AG2002/39 46-7 s.170LL request for disclosure by Alcan Gove Developments Pty Ltd et al. for the certification of the agreement re Alcan Gove Developments Pty Limited Project Certified Agreement 2002-2005; and s.170XF Request for Determination of Arbitration Award Designated for a Certified Agreement – Hodder C – 13 August AG2002/4083-4 s.170LJ CEPU Applications for Certification of Better Health Cover and CEPU Enterprise Agreement 1999-2002 and Top Notch CEPU Enterprise Agreement 1 999-2002 – Ross VP – August 27 AG2002/4677 s.170LJ Request from Wattyl Australia Pty Ltd for certification of the agreement re Wattyl Australia Pty Ltd Paint Enterprise Agreement 2002 (Victoria) – Raffaelli C – 23 August SAET the task is to approve the agreement; if it meets certain requirements set out in the Fair Work Act of 1994.