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Sap Rebate Agreement Fixed Amount

When the final tally of a rebate contract is completed, the SAP system automatically calculates the discount based on revenue statistics and flat-rate discounts (if any). In addition, discounts previously paid to this customer will be deducted. Then the system creates a credit requirement that can be shared by users and used to get the final credit. Final billing of discount agreements can be done manually, automatically or with batch processing (in the background). Logistics -> distribution – > basic data agreements -> discount agreement -> Provide explanations of discount agreements in the sale of the process. It is possible to see an overview of the conditions already present in other discount agreements that have the same combination of keys (customer/material, debitor/discount group, etc.). Cash flow has been improved due to timely and accurate requests for rebates. Discount programs are encouraged by companies as part of a long-term sales/marketing strategy. When a laptop manufacturer signs a discount contract with a distributor, the laptop manufacturer implements a customer discount program in its system based on the terms agreed in the contract with the distributor.

In turn, the distributor will implement a rebate program for suppliers in its system, based on the terms that have been agreed with the manufacturer. In this case, these discount programs are created, calculated, tracked, accumulated and billed by the manufacturer and distributor. In this blog post, we would look at examples of the vine scenario to the client. Configuration-4: Group condition type. The package group indicates the types of discounts to use for the discount agreement. To set up this guy, go ahead; If the agreement sets the condition rate retroactive to the item level in the retail screen, the next entry is set retroactively. (i.e. whether the original validity date of a condition of a surrender contract is in the past).) or changes have been made to the following fields, there is inconsistency.

– The validity period – the exclusion indicator – the deletion indicator – the limit Depending on the billing method chosen in the rebate program during creation, the system can be adjusted to reserve SAP SD credits or to book incoming credit bills. Note: Regardless of the equipment used for compensation, only the system automatically creates the request for partial supporting compensation, while the payment of the rebate is made from the discount agreement. For the types of discounts, we maintain the “24” requirement, which states that the types of discounts can only be defined in a billing document. Below the net worth of the item, we must place the types of discounts.