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Clearfield Stewardship Agreement

“The overwhelming (majority) of growers fully understand the reasons for employment policies,” says Jason Ward, BASF`s marketing director for Clearfield Plants. “They protect the technology that allows producers to produce rice, where the red rice infestation has been so severe. Everyone understands that one of the fastest ways to lose this technology is to save the seeds. Effective weed control can continue to result in higher yields, cleaner grains at harvest and a significant return on investment. This licensing agreement will facilitate the development of non-genetically modified hybrid varieties, oleotic herbicides, which have the characteristics of BASF – Clearfield® and ProvisiaTM. These characteristics are introduced into lineages of elite parents developed by IRRI`s HYBRID Rice Development Consortium (HRDC) – see TITLE: Louisiana Clearfield Application for Trust AUTHOR: David Bennett PUBLICATION: Delta Farm Press (Clarksdale, Missouri) DATE: April 25, 2006 URL: NOTE: As the farmers` lawyer put it, “the Agreement of the Treuhand Grower is necessary to repeal the Plant Variety Conservation Act and prevent farmers from replanting seeds.” Chemical responsibility is just as important. There are important agronomic practices that need to be followed for all Clearfield crops. The father had meanwhile bought “a pair of Clearfield seeds from a merchant, but not the feeling that he had had enough. He took some of his son`s seed from the trash can and planted it. Nor did he sign an agreement from Grower Trust. “Look, every time there`s an economic challenge in an industry, it increases the likelihood that someone will try to save money at the expense of others,” says Hensgens, vice president and chief business officer of G-H Seed Company in Crowley, La. “The financial incentive is obvious.

But the risk is not worth it. The vast majority of producers — 99 per cent — support the technology and stewardship guidelines. As a Clearfield licensee® rice production system, IRRI will comply with technical regulations relating to technology management. In addition, IRRI, as an international non-profit organization, promotes responsible technology transfer, in accordance with its IP-Cantization Policy (IP-C) 1 and CGIAR`s Principles for Intellectual Property Management (“AI Principles”).2 This licensing agreement is a restricted Use Agreement (RUA) that involves the acquisition and use of third-party intellectual assets that may restrict overall access to products and services resulting from their use. IRRI, one of CGIAR`s centres, is authorized to enter into such agreements under certain provisions in the ACCORD Principles Reference Document. Attention to the trust is essential to preserve the long-term benefits of clearfield Production System technology. To take full advantage of improved plant selection methods, superior varieties and weeding of Clearfield`s lentil and corn production system, it is essential to respect Clearfield`s fiduciary practices.