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Eu Visa Facilitation Agreement

the examination and, where appropriate, proposals for amendments to this Agreement in the event of further accession to the European Union. for the Russian Federation, a citizen of the European Union who has obtained a temporary residence permit, a residence permit or an education or work visa for a period of more than 90 days in the Russian Federation, the agreements, all of which have a similar content and structure, apply to planned stays in the Schengen area up to 90 days during a semester (short stays). They apply to nationals of these countries around the world. EU Member States can also individually negotiate agreements on local border traffic with neighbouring third countries. These agreements allow cross-border workers from well-defined areas to cross the EU`s external borders under certain conditions without having to apply for a visa. To that end, Regulation No 1806/2018 (Article 7) provides for a visa reciprocity mechanism. RECOGNISING that such facilitation should not lead to illegal immigration, paying particular attention to security and readmission, the duration of visa application processing procedures Citizens of the European Union and the Russian Federation who have lost their identity documents or who have been stolen during their stay on the territory of the Russian Federation or of the Member States, may leave that territory on the basis of valid identity documents which allow the border to be crossed and which have been issued by diplomatic or consular missions of the Member States or of the Russian Federation, without a visa or other authorisation. 2. The diplomatic and consular missions of the Member States and of the Russian Federation shall issue multiple entry visas of up to one year to the following categories of citizens, provided that they have obtained at least one visa in the previous year, have used it in accordance with the legislation on entry and stay in the territory of the State visited and have grounds for applying for the visa. a multiple entry visa: Kosovo nationals remain subject to the visa requirement, even if they have a Serbian passport. In 2014, the EU and the Republic of Belarus started negotiations on visa facilitation and readmission agreements.

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