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Agreement Format For Sale Of Flat

13. That Part No. 2 after receipt of the full underperformance of Rs. ———— of Part No. 2 and after Party No. 2 has paid/deposited the full balance, it is not required to carry out any other acts, with the exception of this one, if it is transferred by Part No. 1, since That Part No. 2 has the right to enforce the transfer instrument either by Party No. 1 or if it is authorized at a given time and at a limitation period, the transaction is not applicable. 2.

This Part No 1 ensures Party No. 2, that the aforementioned dwelling is exempt from all kinds of charges such as pre-sale, gifts, mortgages, disputes, disputes, suspension orders, seizures, communications, acquisitions, rights of pledges, guarantees, securities, HUF, Benami, property or other registered or unregistered charges, and if this fact is found differently, which allows part or all of the aforementioned apartment to start from the hands of Party No. 2 Party No. 1 will compensate for the loss suffered by Der Partei No. 2. 3. Party No 1 has undertaken and agreed not to create any disputes or charges in the future concerning the possession or ownership of the dwelling in question. 1.

That the totality and totality of the counter-performance of the sale of Rs.——————- of the dwelling of Part No. 1 of Part No. 1. 2 was obtained, with separate proof according to the details indicated: Bankerscheck no—————— Date ————— issued in the name of Party No. 1 and is drawn on ———————————————— – And after receiving the amount mentioned, Party No. 1 admits that nothing is due from Party No. 2. all taxes and legal charges shall be borne by Part No 2, including stamp duty on the registration of the act of transmission. Part No. 1 shall be returned immediately thereafter to Part No. 2 of the free possession of the above-mentioned dwelling. 10.

Part 1 may not in the future infringe any of the terms of this Agreement, failing which Party 2 shall have the right to enforce that Agreement by a court having jurisdiction by legal action for a particular benefit or, in any other way, at the cost, risk and consequences of Part 1. b. The seller keeps a separate account for the amounts received by the seller from the purchasers of the apartments as pre-financing or security, received due to legal costs and the execution of other documents necessary for the execution, and uses the sums only for the purposes for which they were received and after transfer of the property in question. balances are paid by sellers and transferred to lump sum buyers. 11. That Party No. 1 admits that it has no right, title, interest or concern of any kind in the above-mentioned dwelling. This sales contract is concluded at ——— on that ——————, between ——————————, hereinafter referred to as Part No 1.. .