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Adobe Connect End User License Agreement

If you purchase a new license instead of updating your old software, you can transfer your old license, that is, as long as you have not purchased the original license with a volume license agreement. Right-click Acrobat DC and select Run as administrator. Enter your system username and password if prompted. 14.5 Use of Online Services. The Software may allow Customer`s computer to automatically connect to the Internet without further notice and on a temporary or regular basis, in order to facilitate Customer`s access to content and services provided by Adobe or third parties, as further described in Section 16.4 (Online Services). In addition, the software may automatically connect to the Internet without further notice in order to update downloadable materials from these online services to ensure the immediate availability of these services, even if the customer is offline. With admin console, IT administrators can seamlessly migrate from device licensing to shared device licensing. Once your users have migrated, they have access to your purchased Adobe products and services. 16.6.2 If the authorized number of computers is five (5) or less, the Customer may download the font software to the memory (hard drive or RAM) of an output device connected to at least one of these computers so that the police software remains located in that output device and another output device for each multiple of five represented by the authorized number of computers.

2.1.5 Dual-boot platform. The software is licensed for use on a given operating platform. The customer must acquire a separate license for the use of the software on each operating platform. For example, if the customer wants to install the software on both the Mac OS platform and the Windows operating platform on a device where both platforms are running (i.e., a dual-boot computer), the customer must first acquire two separate licenses for the software. The same applies when two versions of the software, each developed for a different operating platform, are delivered to the customer on the same medium. . . .